Where’s my wax? Oh yeah, it’s in my snowboard tuning kit!

So I’ve described some how to’s on tuning your snowboard. I’ve also gone over all the different tools needed to get the job done. So what’s the easiest way to get said tools?

Answer…you can get them all in once place by purchasing a snowboard tuning kit! Brilliant companies have combined all the tools you need and put them into a small but functional and typically stylish (I know us snowboarders like our style) pouch or bag that you can bring with you on your trips to the hill!

All in one place! How convenient. What will they think of next?

What tools you want to make sure are included in your kit

  • Wax
  • Metal File
  • Stone Grinder
  • Plastic Scraper
  • Metal Scraper
  • P Tex
  • Brush with Metal Bristles
  • Edge Sharpening Guide

I wouldn’t count the waxing iron as part of the kit since you can either use a regular iron or purchase an actual waxing iron and they are typically sold separately from kits.

Although I just found a whole kit that includes an iron! So that is an option out there for you as well. The more complete kits will have irons included on this list. I wrote about irons in another post, so feel free to go back and reference that article about irons if need be.

So…how much will this kit cost me?

A great thing about getting a whole snowboarding tuning kit is that it gives you every tool you need to be successful at tuning your board, while being relatively inexpensive.

Pricing will range from around $40 for basic tuning kits up to a $200 for complete sets including waxing iron! And the best thing is that once you buy the kit, you have it forever and most likely will only need to purchase wax as go through that.

Where to purchase kits?


    • Offline – You can go to a sporting goods store like REI or Dick’s Sporting Goods and purchase your kits. I got mine from REI when I started, but I would most likely go online now if I was making another kit purchase now.


What do the reviews say?

If you are anything like me, you’ll read some reviews if shopping online. Things to consider when reading those reviews to determine what matters to you or not are:

  • Complete kits – some claim to be complete, when they are actually the basic beginner kits that will get you where you need to be for now, but maybe not where you want to be in the future of your snowboard tuning life.
  • Good quality tools what don’t feel “cheap” – Read to see if the tools really are going to last a long time.
  • Value for the money. Lots of reviews will say things like “Great for the price” which translates into, not the best equipment, but good enough for the $40 I spent. Or good enough for the 4-5 times riding per year rider.
  • Does it come with vices or the iron it says it will to tune your board with?

Check where you stand with what type of rider you will be and go from there using these types of comments to guide you.

You could buy each tool separately, but why would you?

In my opinion, snowboard tuning kits are the best and most cost effective way to get all the tools you need for tuning your snowboard. Why would you go out and buy them all separately? No, seriously… I’d love to hear any arguments for it.

I would most likely be more expensive and time-consuming for you to buy each piece separately. I’d rather get the tools, tune the board, and hit the hill myself!

You could always buy the basic kit when you are just getting started, tune your board, learn what else you might need and then upgrade to the bigger kits after a couple years if need be. But buying the whole kit is a great place to start. That’s what I did, and I am glad I did!

Please leave any comments or questions you have below and I will get back to you. Until then, see you on the mountain!

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