Use A Snowboard Tuning Bench – Cause your kitchen table just won’t do

Whenever you are doing any sort if tuning of your snowboard, you will need somewhere to do said tuning. Typically, you will want to work in a well ventilated area and on a sturdy surface that allows you to use that elbow grease that tuning your snowboard so often requires.

That’s where a good snowboard tuning bench or table comes in! And the great thing about these tables is that there are different options and types of tables you can use. You can even just use a regular old workbench that you already have in your garage. Let’s go over all your options !

You can buy one

This is what I did. I went to REI I believe and purchased a SWIX snowboard table. (Pictured here) It was about $100 at the time (although that was on sale I believe). I decided to purchase this one because:

A. It was portable – It folds together and stores quite small. I can take it with me anywhere I need to.

B. I didn’t have a built in bench to add vices to.

C. I lived in a small townhouse at the time with no area to build a bench to use.

These are the PROS above that I would list out in review of this bench. It is small, foldable, portable and relatively sturdy. It gets the job done for sure.

The CONS of the table that I bought are that while it has a sturdy base, the two arms that your snowboard sits on top of do not always keep your board in one place. If I am waxing say the tail of the board and putting pressure on that part of the board, the nose will pop up off the table and not stay down on it. So I can only put so much pressure on the board when waxing it.

The good thing is that it looks like since that was so long ago, there are now other tables on the market that seem like they would be better. (pictured here)

If you find that your situation matches mine from above, maybe buying a snowboard tuning table is for you.


You can build one

I think there is some DIY in all of us and if you want to build your own tuning table, I’m here to tell you that you can and this is a viable option to complete your board waxing and sharpening.

Depending on how far down the rabbit hole you would like to go with building your own bench, there are different options. I just checked out this article from This is a great step by step way to build a fancy snowboard or ski tuning table.

Or can simply build a sawhorse that you can use for tuning your winter gear and for many other uses in your DIY home projects. Check out how to make a sawhorse at this other helpful blog! (this one is showing how to build a sawhorse for cutting firewood, but this sawhorse can also be used for tuning your snowboard)

You can easily use your already built workbench

Whether you build a sawhorse or some other tuning table yourself, or you already have an existing work bench or work table there is an accessory that you can purchase and add to any table very easily. And that accessory is….drum roll please… A tuning vice (Pictured here)!!

Vices can be screwed on to any surface to become an immediate fixture that will keep your board steady while doing any work on the base or side edges. They provide stability that you will need while completing your work.

You’ll want to look for a vice that has the ability to lock horizontally on the sides of your board while waxing so your board stays in one place and also lock vertically for when you are sharpening your edges. This is the most important feature in my opinion. You are going to be putting lots of weight and elbow grease into working your board, so you need to make sure it will stay in once place while you do so!

I would go through a how to install, but they make it soooooo easy as you can see by adding clamps that simply screw on to any surface from the bottom to keep the vices in places. Easy peasy!

That’s a wrap…or should I say…that’s a wax!

Once you have a table you can use, either portable or otherwise, you are set to be able to tune and wax your board at home or wherever you are. This will save you some time and a little bit more money with not having to have a shop tune your board for you.

There is some initial costs to creating or buying a table, but once you have it and the skills to complete your own tuning, the snowboard world is your oyster!

I think it is still a good idea to have a shop tune your board once or twice a year, but it sure is nice to know you are not dependent on them to get your board in shape for a great day of riding.

As always, please leave any comments or questions below and let me know how this article worked for you. Otherwise, I’ll see you on the mountain!


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  1. I guess you could use any table, maybe a wall paper pasting table might be sufficient if you purchase the turning vices and attach. 

    The table you purchased looks like a good option as it’s easy to transport in a vehicle so you can have it with you on your snowboarding ventures. Great informative post! 

    1. Thanks for your comment, Dianne! I’m not familiar with wall paper pasting tables, but as long as it was of sturdy construction and wouldn’t move or shift while you’re doing your tuning, you could use that. And as long as you didn’t mind getting dried wax and other particles on to it after waxing or sharpening the edges as this happens when taking care of your board.

      But as you said, you could just get the vices and add them to any table that you are ok working on and get the job done! 🙂

  2. A well-timed post with the ski season about to get started. I agree that it’s important to have a pro do the annual servicing of one’s snowboard, but at the same time, it’s important to have the know-how and means to be able to intervene on an as-needed basis to maintain your equipment on your own. Not much of a DIY person myself, I’d prefer to buy a specific made-to-purpose table. I think it will save time and a lot of potentially wasted effort not only trying to build a table yourself, but also using a table which may not fully support your need and requirements.


    1. I’m the same way, Norman! I would rather just purchase a specific table for what I need, however, if I had a workbench, I would probably just go the vice route to attach to my existing bench!

      I agree with what you’ve posted here, that it will take extra time and effort to build a table so I’m glad this post can help someone such as yourself and someone else who wants to first DIY and build a table.

      I am in ski country, so I am getting super excited to tune my board up and get out there!

  3. Great post! For some reason I had forgotten that I have a work bench at home and never thought of using it to wax my snowboard, so thanks for reminding and enlightening me! Usually I just do it on the floor and it can definitely get awkward so knowing that there are some affordable options to help this situation is really great so thanks for that too.

    1. Thanks, Joe! And you’re welcome for the reminder! Glad I could help. It can be easy to forget or not realize that you may have all or most of what you need to take care of your snowboard. And waxing on the floor can be a bit awkward. A table or bench makes a HUGE difference!

      Here’s to great boarding in our futures!

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