Snowboarding Camera Review – Keep the riding memories alive!

No matter who you are, you are just like me. Something I know about you and we haven’t even met is that if you are snowboarding with a friend who has a camera and a way to show your moves on film after an epic day of riding….you’re going to want to watch it later!

No shame in that! Video shows us our progress, our moves, and our style. I love having shots of me hitting jumps, riding rails, and even taking diggers in the powder! And I have found that my favorite way to capture all of this is with a GoPro camera! (and I’ve tried a couple different brands)

Here, I will be taking you through a snowboarding camera review of the GoPro Hero7 below. So strap in and let’s go for a ride!

You have your choice of three different versions of GoPros most up to date cameras. All are priced according to their features. All will help you capture the moments that exhilarate and keep the adrenaline pumping long after the moment is over.

Purchasing options include:

  • GoPro Hero7 Black
  • GoPro Hero7 Silver
  • GoPro Hero7 White

Now let’s break each one of these down and talk about the features of each one.

General Highlights!

Description – Small camera that can be mounted on your helmet, chest, or selfie stick to take epic point of view, solo, or friend videos while riding!

Cost – $399 on Amazon

30 day money back guarantee

My overall rating: 8 out of 10

  • Comes with GoPros new HyperSmooth video stabilization. (see video below to for side by side comparison from GoPro Hero6)
  • Voice Control (hands free filming)
  • 8X Slo-Mo Setting. To really slow things down!
  • Live Streaming (show your friends your epic moves in real time)
  • Superphoto (better clarity in photos than before)
  • Time Warp Video
  • Removable Battery
  • Waterproof up to 33 ft (So surf away!)
  • 2 inch touch screen with zoom
  • Video is 4K60
  • Photo is 12MP (With SuperPhoto)
  • Auto Offload to Your Phone
  • GPS
  • GP1 Chip (designed chip made to deliver next-level image quality and stabilization.)
  • QuikStories (Automatically moves footage from your GoPro to your phone and transforms it into awesome videos)
  • Advanced Wind Noise Reduction (3-mic processing)

Check out this video comparison showing the new stabilization feature!

Plus even more features that can be found by clicking the banner above!

GoPro Hero7 Silver

General Highlights!

Cost – $290 right now on Amazon

30 day money back guarantee

Overall rating : 7.5 out of 10

  • Photo – 10MP (With WDR)
  • Video is 4K30
  • Built in Battery (non-replaceable)
  • Waterproof up to 33 ft
  • 2 inch touch screen (with zoom)
  • Standard Video Stabilization
  • Voice Control (hands free filming)
  • Auto Offload to Your Phone
  • Time Lapse Video
  • 2X Slo-Mo setting.
  • GPS
  • QuikStories (Automatically moves footage from your GoPro to your phone and transforms it into awesome videos.)
  • Advanced Wind Noise Reduction (2-mic processing)
  • Plus a few more features!

GoPro Hero7 White

General Highlights!

Cost – $199 on Amazon

30 day money back guarantee

My overall rating: 7 out of 10

  • Photo 10MP
  • Video is 1080p601
  • Built in Battery
  • Waterproof up to 33 ft
  • 2 inch wide touch screen (with touch zoom)
  • Standard Video Stabilization
  • Voice Control (hands free filming)
  • Auto Offload to Your Phone
  • Time Lapse Video
  • 2X Slo-Mo setting
  • QuikStories
  • Advanced Wind Noise Reduction (2-mic processing)
  • WiFi and Bluetooth connect ability

Pro and Cons of GoPro Hero7

Here are what I would say are the Pros and Cons of this camera. First here are the


  • Great Camera with super smooth shooting capability (depending on what version you get)
  • Easy a way to shoot, film, and create videos
  • Display on back of camera so you can see what you are filming
  • Ability to Live Stream
  • Waterproof (take it snowboarding in the winter and then surfing in the summer, no worries!)
  • 30 day Money back guarentee
  • With new voice activation filming, it makes it easier to point and shoot. I used to struggle to make sure I had pushed the button down enough to start the camera. (most of my videos started looking at my face for a few seconds with an “is this thing on?” look on my face 🙂
  • Great Slo-Mo capability (this can make shots look realllllllllly cool!)
  • The fact you can shoot in 4K!

OK, now on to the not so great items you should be aware of before giving this camera a go.


    • Not great battery life if using 4K. To me, this is a BIG deal… I want to know that if I am out on the mountain for 8 hours, that I will have the ability to shoot amazing shots all day long.
      Plus, the colder it is, the quicker it dies in my experience.
    • You cannot live stream in 4K, only 1080p.
    • Gets quite hot while using seemingly to overheat.
    • The live streaming process is a bit clunky in dealing with the camera and the app for your phone.
    • Great videos, but with the main update being the streaming feature and with that not working that great, maybe an earlier version of GoPros lineup will work just great for you. Check them out here!

And… Action!!

All in all I think GoPro is a great brand in snowboarding action cameras. I think they’ve had innovative and interesting ideas with their updates, but this one seems to have potentially fallen short with the streaming function not working as it seems it should. However, the rest of the features are really cool.

If you are looking for a small, lightweight camera to get you amazing footage that you can edit and keep for a lifetime, I highly recommend you check out GoPros line of products!

You’ll get to keep those families and friend memories of you riding for the rest of your life…and you’ll be able to prove to your grand kids one day that you were cool and that you could land that 360 indie grab off that ginormous kicker in the park!

As always, let me know if you have any questions or comments below. Otherwise, I’ll see you out on the hill!


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  1. Great information in your article. I have an older Gopro and I see by your article that they have come out with some awesome features! I can definitely see the advantage of the Hypersmooth stabilization feature. The comparison video blows me away! How does is do that when going downhill at breakneck speed? Amazing!

    The Quikstories feature is something that interests me. I always found it cumbersome with my old Gopro uploading my footage and trying to make some kind of worthwhile video out of it!

    Have you used the Quikstories feature? How does it wok?

    1. Thanks, Dave! I have not used the Quickstories feature. I am like you in that I have downloaded all my footage from my GrPro on to my computer so I could edit it and make a sweet video!

      The Quickstories feature works by automatically moving footage from your GoPro to your phone and transforming it into awesome videos.

      The tech behind it is when you get the GoPro app, it syncs your phone (either IOS or Android) with your camera and the transfer happen automatically (like magic:)

  2. I have never used a camera while snowboarding but coming across this post makes me imagine how cool and fun it’ll be. Shooting the events of my snowboarding experience. GoPro hero7 black is really cool but quite expensive for my budget right now. What do you advice should I save up or just go for the silver or white version of GoPro 7. 

    Thanks for sharing such an informational review.

    1. Great question and thanks for stopping by my site, Lok! The Silver or White doesn’t have the Hypersmooth video stabilization so if that is important to you or some of the other features, than I would advise saving up for the Hero7 Black!

      If you are just getting into doing some snowboarding filming for the first time and you just want a camera to do so and don’t care about the hypersmooth or streaming feature, I’d say go with the silver or white. Or you can also check out earlier versions like the Hero5 or 6. However, not sure you’ll find one of those for under $200 where the 7 White is…Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any further questions.

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