Snowboard Training Equipment – Practice your moves all year long!

It’s June. You can’t wait to ride again, but it’s going to be a few months before the snow flies again. What can you do to prepare for the next season? There’s got to be a way to…and there is!

No longer do you have to just practice your moves in the snow during the cold months. You can now practice your moves all year using some snowboard training equipment and be ready to ride with renewed confidence once the next season comes along! Let’s go over it here.

You are your own equipment.

You have a pair of snowboard boots, right? Then you have all you need to practice some of your killer moves right in your living or family room.

Put your boots on and practice doing your 180’s and 360’s on the ground. By doing ground jumps, you will grow your air awareness and begin to feel comfortable jumping with some extra weight on your feet.

  • Lace up your boots.
  • Stand with your feet the same distance apart as would be on your actual board.
  • Jump and twist your body twisting enough to match which trick you are doing (180 or 360 turns).
  • Repeat to perfect!

Keep your balance

A great way to practice your box or jib work and build your balance is on a balance bar.

Check it out!

It’s a small bar that is used with along with a small jib training board that can be strapped to a boarders feet to help practice those park rail and box moves, but without the big falls that can happen in the park. (falling can still happen, but hopefully not painful ones:) You can also use your own snowboard with the balance bar which is really cool!

As you are probably aware if you have snowboarded at all, balance is key when riding. If you haven’t got balance, you haven’t got riding…you have a sore butt… Even if you don’t need to practice your park moves, this training tool can help your overall balance which can only make your riding better!

Air Awareness work on trampolines

If you’ve ever hit a jump on your snowboard and “rolled the windows down” like I have, flailing your arms in midair only to hit the ground and take a digger on your face…(Yeah, you know you’ve been there) Then you could probably use some air awareness practice.

Air awareness is simply getting more comfortable while in the air doing any activity where you are jumping, flying or falling through the air. Doesn’t just have to be on a snowboard, but I have found that I needed to work on my air awareness in order to hit bigger and bigger jumps and be comfortable while in the air.

And a way you can do this is by practicing your air awareness on a trampoline using a board specifically for such practicing. A trampoline training board with training board bindings will allow you to strap in and jump on the trampoline, practicing your moves while not damaging the trampoline bed.

What a great invention! People used to have to wrap their snowboards in towels to make sure and not cut the trampoline bed with the sharp edges.

Fake your brain out

And hit the streets outside with a skate board that is like half snowboard, half skateboard (and even can have a motor). One like this is called a freebord. Another one that has a motor and wheel system that allows that ability to move like you are on a snowboard. It’s the LEIFTech Leif Snow Board!

I went out looking for a skateboard that felt like a snowboard a few years back. I bought one called a flow board that didn’t really do it for me so the freebord and Leif snow boards could be excellent options for you in your search for snow riding in the summer!

This may even trick your brain into thinking you are snowboarding when you are not. However, your muscle brains will not be tricked. They will know the feeling of snowboarding and recognize it and love it! Give a board like these a try and I bet you love it if you love snowboarding!

10,000 hours to perfection

There is a saying that talks about if you deliberately practice something for 10,000 hours, you will perfect it! Now, I don’t know if that is completely accurate, but nonetheless the more you practice, the better you are going to get!

So if you have the opportunity to practice your snowboard moves and training in the off-season, when the next snowboarding season comes around, you’ll be ready to hit the hill with fewer spills and initial falls and ride with more confidence that will take your riding to the next level!

By using these snowboard training tips, tools, and equipment, you will see an improvement in your riding which will raise your abilities and FUN while on the mountain!

As always, leave and questions or comments below. I love interacting with folks on my site! Otherwise, I’ll see you out on the hill!

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