Cheap snowboard gear, is that a real thing?

That title may sound like an oxymoron…cheap and snowboard gear should not find themselves in the same sentence, let alone the same article. It can be one of those crazy expensive hobbies that takes a ton of money just to start and continue to enjoy.

BUT, I will show you here it can be done and where you too can find the cheap snowboard gear out there. Put that high limit credit card away my friends, we’re going deal hunting!

Go here first! This site is actually owned by the next one on my list ( and has great deals for many sports to choose from! Almost everything on this site is on sale…yeah you heard me, even other gear that’s not snowboard gear related. You’re welcome.

They have different sections of their website that shell out the deals to you, the consumer.

First is Current Steals where a new deal pops up every few minutes…but be quick cause once it’s gone, it’s gone and they have moved on to the next deal! It’s like winning the deal sale lottery:)

Next is the Bargain Bins where you can click on a list of everything under $50, $25, or even $10! Or look up items based on how much percentage they are off.

Then we have Brand Steals. This section shows different favorite brands and the percentage off for that brand as a whole.

Lastly, they have Category Steals. So you can literally look up all the sales in a category like, oh I don’t know…maybe snowboarding…and they will show all the deals in that category!

IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A GREAT ONLINE SHOP TO GET STUFF ON THE CHEAP, CHECK OUT STEEPANDCHEAP.COM is the mother ship to and you can feel it when you go to their site. You will still find sale items, but at a smaller percentage amount than at the other sites I’ve listed here. We’ll still go over the highlights though below.

First you can get an automatic 15% off just for joining their email list. Once on the list, you will be notified of other deals that they put up on the site. They also have free shipping on orders over $50 which is a plus.

The downside is that it won’t take you as long on this site to get to over $50 as with the other sites. But at least you will know you are getting quality gear!

Another cool feature that they have on their site is their gearhead section. This section allows you to connect with an expert in the activity you want to get into. That way you are not blindly choosing gear that you may or may not need in your outdoor activity of choice.

The site also shows what their Gearheads would recommend or choose from the list of gear. I think that’s pretty cool!

Love this site! Here you can buy OR sell gear. How cool is that? If you are a buyer just looking to get into a new sport, or if you are working to quickly replace some gear mid season and not wanting to spend an arm or leg to get it, this is the site for you!

How it works is this. The site is chalked full of gear for almost any outdoor sport your heart could be set on and typically they are on HUGE sale. The one caveat being that most of it is used gear…however, it can be used gear in EXCELLENT shape.

You get to pick what type of shape you want the gear to be in before you buy. And they have some NEW stuff if that’s what you’re looking for that is also on sale!

Plus, you can sell your stuff on the site. So if you have kids that have grown out of their snowboard boots or board set up, sell them all on this site and hook up your little ones with new (to them) gear. Super slick!

Peruse around the site and see what deals you can find. Bet you can’t stay less than 5 minutes once you start!:)

Not sure, but I’m guessing you have looked on for deals on gear before. And while this one requires a little more leg work to get the gear to you (no shipping), it can be a great place to snag some gear for a GREAT price!

I’v had to jump on craigslist mid season to get a used board when mine had the bottom of it ripped away from some rocks and trees and it totally worked for me!

Just head on over the and choose your city. Then look up snowboard gear or the exact piece of gear you are in the market for and start looking at your options ad contacting sellers.

What’s best about this site, is that you can barter and negotiate with the sellers and know you are getting the very best deal possible!

Just remember to set up meetings with the sellers in a public place for safety. Not being your mom here, but just make sure to be smart about where and when you meet someone claiming to have a sick board that they will sell you for $20!

real world deals

If you feel like getting off your computer to find deals, there are some real world offline deals you can find. First if you wait until the end of the season and hit up shops like REI, Christy Sports, or other outdoor gear shops with physical locations they should be having some good sales to get rid of their old inventory.

Also, hit up garage, yard, and estate sales. These folks could be getting rid of some gear that will work perfectly for the next person who needs them. You could also ask your friends and family if they know of anyone that is getting rid of some old gear!

There you have it! Some great options of finding cheap gear to keep your riding going for years to come.

Hit me up below with questions, thoughts, comments, or any other sites or spots I’ve missed that could be added to the list. Otherwise, I’ll see you out on the mountain!

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