Burton freestyle bindings – Review

These bindings are near and dear to my heart. They are the first set of bindings that I ever got. So I thought it would make perfect sense for me to write a review of them.

If you are just beginning or have been riding for a while, I will tell you why you should definitely check out the Burton freestyle bindings. They are an excellent choice of bindings that will have you beaming with pride at your savvy shopping abilities for years to come.


Price – Ca ching!

For most Burton Freestyle bindings you are going to pay less than $150, which is not too bad. The value you get for that cost though is huge. Sure you can go out and get a cheap pair of another brand of bindings, but I can’t promise you that you will get the same value, reliability, and functionality that you will with the freestyles.

When you look at how much bindings could cost you, this price point is top-notch! You could end up paying up to $500 for the top of the line bindings out there.

Now I am not saying by any means that the freestyles are top of the line. But if you are looking for a good pair of bindings when you are a beginner to intermediate snowboarder, you won’t beat the price and value of the Burton Freestyle binding.



The great thing about these bindings is that they are extremely versatile. They have a sole plate that attaches to the board by way of a disc that works with any board out on the market now including Burton’s boards that have the channel binding system.

You also can adjust any of the straps for your ankles or toes to fit as you wish. The high backs angles can also be adjusted to make sure you are fit on your board just as exactly as you want to be.

These bindings are great for that freestyle riding that you want to do in the terrain parks, but they are also just a great overall all mountain binding for any riding you want to do with them. I can attest to this. I like doing my fair share of park riding along with all mountain riding and I have never been disappointed with my freestyle bindings.


These bindings can take a beating and keep on ticking. I’ve had mine for almost 10 years (not my only pair I’ve owned. I have Burton Custom bindings as well) and they are still kicking it hard core. My straps are still in good working order along with the base plate and high backs.

Even though they are a softer binding, they feel super sturdy under my feet and keep me supported where it matters while riding.

I haven’t had any of the buckles break or tear on me and none of the plastic components have cracked or been damaged either other than the normal wear and tear from using them while riding. So durability is not a problem with these bindings.

Additional Features

Some additional features that I think you will like are:

  1. The high backs. These support your legs and ankles while you are riding and can be adjusted as I mentioned earlier.
  2. The buckles have smooth glide technology that allows you to be able to latch and unlatch them even with big ‘ol bear paw gloves on.
  3. You will need a phillips screwdriver to make adjustments on your straps and high backs as well as tighten down your base plates.
  4. The newest models come on three different base colors.
  5. Super padded and durable straps keep your feet in place on the bindings for all day comfort and support. Your feet won’t be ready for last call on the hill!

If you’re not freestyling, what are ya doing?

Now, you don’t have to go with the Burton Freestyle bindings. This snowboarders humble opinion is that if you are a beginner to intermediate rider who is looking for a great pair of bindings that won’t break the bank, these are your winners!

Just make sure and go with a binding that works well with your style of riding, fit well with your boots and ones that will last you a long time out on the hill!

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below and I will get back to you. Otherwise, I’ll see you out on the mountain!



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