Best snowboarding movies, get pumped before your ride!

If you are looking for the best snowboard movies to get you pumped before getting out and riding, you are in luck! There are so many good movies out there, and in this post I will go over some of my favorites!

First lets go over the different types of snowboarding movies out there.

  1. We have your motion picture movies, complete with story line, hilarious dialogue, and typically a resolution at the end.
  2. Next there is the highlight reel style that shows a bunch of clips of insane jumps, grinds, urban and backcountry riding set to amazing music. (doesn’t music make everything better:)
  3. Then we have the documentary style which might follow a specific rider on their quest for snowboarding immortality.
  4. Lastly, and this is my favorite, where we have a combination of a few of the styles listed above. In these they tell a little story, we get to see amazing backcountry jumps, a little bit of dialogue, and a documentary feel that takes you on an amazing journey with these insanely talented riders as they search for the perfect lines and the perfect features!

My favorites – That’s it That’s All and The Art of Flight

These are my top two favorites of all time! They feature Travis Rice and friends who travel the world looking for the best features and lines to ride.

But along with the excellent riding, the cinematography is AMAZING! And the soundtracks will have you scouring the ITunes or Amazon music store to snag all the music to have in your own boarding playlist! Check out the trailers to both, below!

That’s It, That’s All


The Art of Flight

Documentary Style

These are also some of my favorite types of snowboard movies!

Documentaries that take you along for the ride of some of the best riders to have ever strapped on a snowboard! You’ll join them as they ride the competition circuit, make backcountry trips and film their urban riding vids.

I know you’ll enjoy joining them on their adventures. With Shaun White being one of the best to ever ride, a couple that I would recommend getting are First Descent and Dont Look Down. Check out the First Dedcent trailer below!

First Descent

Also any movie made by Jeremy Jones and Teaton Gravity Research is worth watching for sure! They take you right along with them as they succeed at scaling and riding some of the most gnarly terrain out there. Check out Deeper, Further, and Higher trailers, below!




Major Motion Pictures

These entertaining and hilarious major motion pictures will keep you laughing for years to come! They are great to have on your shelf for those cold winter nights before riding the next day. So build up a fire in the fireplace, grab your popcorn, sit back and relax, and enjoy movies such as Out Cold. Check out the trailer below!

Out Cold

Highlight Reels

Sometimes there is nothing like watching a good highlight reel style snowboard movie to get you amped to hit the park or the hill the next day! These movies are set to some rocking jams with some killer riding! They include shots in the backcountry, parks, and urban rail riding.

I recommend the following 4 movies:

Black Winter


Catch the Vapors


Watch it, then go ride it!

There are many, many, many more movies out there, but these are some of my favorites. If you’re looking for something to get you even more pumped to get out and ride, these will do the trick…haha…get it…trick…

Anyway, don’t just take my word on it. Check out the movies I’ve listed here and leave me any questions or thoughts below in the comments. Otherwise, I’ll see you out on the hill!


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