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My snowboard and I are about to take a trip. We are about to get on an airplane from Denver, CO and fly to Los Angeles, CA next week. I know, you’re probably thinking, “Why would you take a snowboard to sunny southern California?” And I will tell you…

I’m going out to visit my brother who lives out there and is a mere 2-hour drive from LA up to Big Bear resort. I am super stoked for the trip! I’ve never been to Big Bear before and haven’t even ridden in CA before so it should be tons of fun.

I’ve actually mostly stuck to road trips for my snowboarding excursions, so this will be the first time I take my gear on an airplane with me. So with that in mind, I thought I would post some info on the best snowboard travel bags.

Are there things to avoid when shopping for one? What’s the best ones? Tips and tricks for traveling with them? Let’s tag and bag this one so you’ll be ready the next time you take a trip with your gear!

What to think about when choosing a travel bag


OK, so there are some things to consider and think about when choosing the best snowboard travel bag for you. Things like the size of bag you will need? Do you want roller wheels on it or just a should bag? How much space do you need for all your stuff? What do you plan on putting in the bag?

OK, so size of the bag is #1 when thinking of what bag to buy.

First thing to consider with this is how big your board is. Second is how much room you need for your extra gear other than just the board. I like to put as much of my gear in with my board as possible. I recommend going a little bigger than your board. For example, my board is a 156 and I use a 166 (that’s cm) board bag.

Next is do you want the ease of rolling your bag through the airport or do you want to carry it by a padded shoulder strap?

I have a shoulder strap bag, but I would recommend getting something with wheels that you can pull behind you through the crowds in the airport. Wheel bags also tend to be bigger, more padded, and have more space than shoulder bags even if they are the same size (i.e. 166 cm)

Now that you have decided if you want a wheelie bag or shoulder one, think about what you want to put into it.

I will tell you, I like to get my boots, helmet, pants, gloves, and goggles into mine. But that does not leave much space for a second board or additional bindings if you travel with those backup items.

If you don’t plan on putting anything but your board and boots in the bag, than you don’t need to worry about getting a bag that is much bigger than your board. You’ll want a little bit of room, but you won’t need a ton.

Day bags

Otherwise known as shoulder strap bags. There are many brands that offer great should bag options.

My #1 pick is from Burton. They know their snowboard gear stuff and they make a great products.

Next is Dakine. These bags have the padding you need for durability and space for the gear you need.

Third pick is the Athletico padded two piece bag and boot holder. Comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Padded to protect your gear and easy to carry with removable shoulder strap.

Wheelie bags

This is going to be my next travel bag purchase. I’ve found that I need one with wheels and a little more room. My brother has a 166cm bag from Burton and he can bring 2 boards, 2 sets of bindings, and all his winter clothes gear with him with no problems.

It fits so much that the only problem is to make sure it’s still under the weight requirements of the airline:)

Again my list of top 3 brands for wheelie bags starts with Burton!


Burton wheelie gig bags are super durable and sturdy to protect your gear and hold lots of it.

Second I’m changing things up a bit and saying Demon United fully padded bag with wheels. Big, durable, and fully padded are the words you are looking for when describing the snowboard travel bag you want…and these words all describe this bag!

Third, I’m talking about the Dakine High Roller snowboard bag. Can hold up to 2+ boards so definitely spacious inside. Super padded inside to protect all your gear with lockable zipper for added protection of your stuff.

What to avoid

Avoid getting a bag that is too small. It is the worst when you buy a bag, get it home and then try to pack it only to find out that you need a second bag for some of your gear because it does not all fit into the travel bag.

Also avoid getting a shoulder strap bag if you intend to do a lot of air travel with your board. Get a wheelie bag. It is well worth it and you will be glad you did. Spend the few potential extra dollars to make sure you have the space and comfort you need for all your travels.

Make sure you look at reviews to see that no matter what bag you get, it will protect your board. You want it to have decent padding and cushion to take whatever the cargo area of the plane can dish at it!


I’m leaving on a jet plane

There you have it! I’m super stoked for my trip coming up and am ready to put my snowboard travel bag to the test. If I have any updates to this post after my travels I will update it here.

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As always, leave a comment, question or thought below and I will get back to you. Otherwise, I’ll see you out on the mountain!


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