10 Interesting facts about snowboarding, your trivia partners will thank you!

Just as snowboarding should be fun, so should reading about it. I have for you here, 10 interesting facts about snowboarding. So, whether you want to stump your friends with random knowledge, look like a savant who knows random fun facts, or impress your trivia team at your next competition at the bar, this posts for you!

So put your boots on, strap in, and lets ride down the mountain of useless snowboarding knowledge together! I’ll bet you’ll be glad you did!

1. When, first invented it was called SNURFING

The sport was invented in 1960 by an engineer in Michigan. He strapped two skis together and a rope handle to effectively surf through the snow. Get it? Snow and surf….Snurf…

2. Skiing is more dangerous than snowboarding

So the next time your friend who skis tells you that they don’t want to try snowboarding cause skiing is safer, you can disrespectfully disagree and tell them that according to the US consumer product safety commission, skiing accidents far outpace snowboard injuries! Take that, skiers…

3. Up until the early 80s snowboarding was banned on resorts

That’s right…until the early 1980s, no boards allowed. But then resort owners wised up to the idea of billions of dollars more in revenue that they were missing out on. Stratton Mountain resort was the first to allow boarders freedom on their slopes…shrewd move dudes!

Since skiing was typically an older demographic, they thought snowboarding was a dangerous teenage fad that would go away…but it didn’t…and it hasn’t…and it won’t.

Take that stuffy headed moms and pops!

4. There are around 100,000 wrist fractures among snowboarders

Every year! Wear your wrist guards people! Or learn to fall properly… I’ll have another post about the best wrist guards out there in a future post.

5. Snowboarding qualified for the Olympics in 1998

The site was Nagano Japan. First time snowboarding was allowed in the hallowed grounds of the Olympics. Only 4 events were included in those games though. Men’s and womens half-pipe and Mens and Womens parallel Giant Slalom.

They have since added in more snowboarding events to include mens and womens slope style, and mens and womens snowboard cross. I’m guessing big air could be added as well in the future!

6. The snowboard was invented on Christmas Day!

How about that? A Christmas miracle! Turns out the inventor, Sherman Poppen took those two skis, wrapped em together to entertain his two daughters outside as his pregnant wife rested inside. They were so popular, he patented and started marketing his invention!

7. Snowboarding makes up 30% of revenues for resorts in winter season.

See, #3 on the list about resorts not allowing snowboarders…pretty smart to start letting them ride! Plus with all the competitions that resorts throw each year, even more riders flock to the hill to ride some of the same terrain they see their heroes riding!

8. No matter how good you are, you should still wear a helmet.

Trees don’t move people. And icy hills can hurt the old noggin as well! I can’t tell you how many times, I’ve bumped my head up against a tree I was flying past and actually muttered the words out loud…” Glad I’m wearing a helmet”…plus all those other times I hit my dome from catching a nasty edge (especially as I was just starting out)

Your chances of getting a head injury goes way down with proper head protection. And estimates suggest that over time, over 7000 injuries and deaths a year could have been prevented with the right safety equipment.

9. The most flips on a snowboard in one jump ever done was 4

I know, I’m dizzy just thinking about it…and I’m sure that the way the sport is progressing, we shall see 5 or 6 soon! No seriously, that’s spinning 1440 degrees. Absolutely insane if you ask me!

10. There are 430 resorts in the US

So there really is no excuse for everyone not to give snowboarding a try! There are even 7 resorts in Africa… Go figure! Seriously, my advice to you is to go find one of those 430 (or 7) resorts and give snowboarding a try. You won’t regret it… Oh and remember to wear your wrist guards and helmets:)

There you have it!

So there you have it folks. 10 interesting snowboarding facts that you can tell your friends, keep to yourself, or save for random trivia night. Maybe even one of these questions will show up on HQ trivia app and you will win some money from knowing the answer!

As always, please comment or leave questions below and until then I bid you good riding and will see you out on the hill!


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